Battle Of The Pages

"Battle Of The Pages" Simplifies A/B Testing!

What assumptions are you making about your site right now? Submit your site into our Battle Page Feature and see how simple it is to compare your website against the competition and learn your websites overall rank. Learn what visitors like about your competitors and try to make your website better.

Battle Of The Pages - Voting Process

20 second tests help you understand people’s first impressions!

By finding out what visitors thinks about your design in just 20 seconds you can ensure that your message is being communicated as effectively as possible. This short exposure tests help you fine tune your landing pages and calls to action by analyzing the most prominent elements of your design.

Battle Pages Feature 20 Seconds Timer Battle Statistics

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a simple way to test changes to your page against the current design and determine which ones produce positive results. It is a method to validate that any new design or change to an element on your Web Page is improving your conversion rate before you make that change to your site code.

Testing takes the guesswork out of website optimization and enables data-backed decisions that shift business conversations from "we think" to "we know." By measuring the impact that changes have on your metrics such as sign-ups, downloads, purchases, or whatever else your goals may be, you can ensure that every change produces positive results. Quantitative data speaks for itself. You and your coworkers may have hunches about how site visitors will respond to certain design elements; A/B testing allows you to show visitors two versions of the same page and let them determine the winner.

Constantly testing and optimizing your page can increase revenue, donations, leads, registrations, downloads, and user generated content, while providing teams with valuable insight about their visitors.

What is A/B Testing?

Why Is Battle Ranking Better?

While in A/B testing you are comparing your single element at you Web Page, by using Battle Ranking, you can simultaneously submit and compare multiple Web Pages and monitor their performance. You do not need to use specialized A/B testing applications and modify your source code. The design of the pages can be distinctively different from one another and by using the Overall Battle Rank at the and of the day, you can see which page design works better for you.

Visitors compare two website and chose the better. There are no hidden motives for the visitors to answer incorrectly. As a mather of fact, they are rewarded only if their opinion is in line with the majority of other visitors. The choosing process is objective and should give you the rough idea what average visitor likes more.

Compare Multiple Pages!

What is Battle Testing?

Battle Ranking Can Be Used On All Social Media Websites!

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