What Is Web Traffic, And Why Is It Important?

More often than not, web traffic is crucial to your online presentation of your business. Attracting visitors to your website is a much harder and longer process than creating websites. You can have award winning design, top of the notch looking website, but without traffic, it is useless.

Website statistics graphs

So, what is actually web traffic all about? What is that single thing that your online business depends on? Well, it is not a single thing, it is more like a few interlaced things. First of all, it is a number of people that view your website, number of pages that they view and the time they spend on those pages.

When someone enters your site, that visit is recorded, and any page or link they click on is also recorded. That, with the time spent on the website, is the core of web traffic.

The number of unique visitors is a fundamental metric of a Web analytics. Today, most websites use cookies to identify unique visitors. Unique visitor is every individual person that visits a site once or a couple of times during specified timeframe. Every person is counted only once during that timeframe.

New VS Returning visitors

But without other measurements, number of unique visits can be misleading. If you have online shopping market, your returning visitors (buyers) can be more important than new visitors that may or may not return and buy something. But if you have a brand-name site and your goal is to spread the word, than focus on new visitors may be the right way to do it.

What about the time spent on the website? If you have advertisement that depends on the number of visits, visit time can be measure in seconds. But if you have a blog, political website, pro-action site or anything that requires visitors to stay and read, visits of only a few seconds are a very, very bad result.

Importance of web traffic is directly connected to percent of online business you are conducting. The web markets are one hundred percent dependent on traffic, some other types of websites are bit less, but there isn’t any kind that can survive on competitive market without traffic.

If you do not attract visitors, having and spending money on website is useless, even if your site is made very well, without visitors, you won’t be generating sales or achieving your end goal with your business. And in the vast Internet ocean of more than 4.73 billion indexed websites worldwide, it is easy to get lost.

Increase traffic!

Working with the right traffic boosters, targeted campaigns and other tools, you can increase your web traffic the way you need it. In the other articles, we will write more about different systems, pros and cons of web traffic and SEO.

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