What NOT to Do If You Want To Improve Your Web Traffic!

If you want to increase your web traffic, there are things and tricks on how to do that, but also, there are many bad SEO choices, which can decrease your web traffic and rating of your website on the leading search engines.

Here we will list some of the most common mistakes that can, even go as far as to, ruin your online business.

Black VS White hat SEO

Stealing from other websites

This is probably the most unethical thing on this list. Just because it is on the Internet, it doesn’t mean that you can use it without asking. Pictures, designs or text of the other websites can be used to inspire you, or if you really like them, ask for permission. If you combine few websites into one thinking no one will notice, you are wrong, and the search engines will most often detect duplicated content or copied web resources.

Hidden false keywords

More of an unethical behavior than a mistake, some programmers and designers use hidden or very small text to insert currently ‘hot’ terms for search. Some of the techniques are importing these keywords in font size 1, or as a white text on the white background. There are websites that change them on a weekly or monthly base, thus boosting web traffic with the help of false keywords. But, this could and will lead to suspension or ban of your website from search engines.

Using unrelated of false keywords

It is similar to hidden keywords, but with a few differences. Often by mistake, website can have unrelated keywords in their meta tags, like ‘electronics’ in a website dealing with software. But, sometimes, on purpose, someone will enter keyword that is currently popular into a website unrelated to that topic. This is considered by search engines as spam and will negatively infuence your SEO.

Dr. Evil SEO

Using the right keyword the wrong way

This is actually a common mistake. Repeating the keywords more often than it is ‘natural’ or normal for your site can result in downgrading by the search engines. Also, entering wrong or uninteresting keywords will bring you less traffic. It is important to choose right keyword for your business and to mention it naturally (organic) on your website. If you pack your website full of keywords, especially with very loose connections to your site theme, search engines will label it as spam.

Double check your website

First of all, do not go for the cheapest or free TLD (top-level domain, last segment of your domain, .com for example) and free web hosting. In some search engines those are low priority sites or not even listed. Also, check for dead links, missing content etc. And remember, all search engines are not the same. Each one has their own set of rules. The base of a good SEO is learning what each (important) search engine require for better ranging.

Online content

Pretty over useful

Plenty of website owners will invest more into nice design than in SEO and search engine placement. But, pretty website without traffic is useless. If possible, having both is the way to go, but if you have to choose where to invest your money, traffic and placement are more important that looks.

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