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Website Traffic

Following articles What is Web Traffic and What NOT to Do If You Want To Improve Your Web Traffic this text is some kind of sequel of both of them.

There are many ways to improve your web traffic, but only few that are actually matter on the long run. We will list most important ones.

Main sources of website traffic

There are several sources of website traffic – search engines, social media, paid ads and links on other websites. Basically, people viewing your website are what statistic sees as traffic. You can view reports and statistics about number of people viewing your website, how long do they stay and where they came from. Also, you can keep track of popularity of different landing pages or what the visitors usually browse on you website.

How to increase website traffic!

Analytic and statistic of your website

Before increasing your traffic, it is essential that you have some kind of measuring of that traffic, before and after implementing new ideas on your website, or just for daily or weekly statistics. From Google Analytics to countless others, you can chose tool that is easy for you to use and to understand.

Optimize your website for search engines

This is probably the most important way to increase website traffic and, basically, to keep your website visible on the Internet. To increase the visibility of your website and boost traffic, incorporate content-rich search words that will earn your site more ‘spot’ in popular search engines. Since much website traffic comes from search engines like Google - especially when a user is discovering your site for the first time - you want to make sure you’re employing simple on-page SEO techniques, like consistently stellar website performance, keyword-rich text and titles, frequent content updates, etc. When incorporated organically, these are great ways to increase your presence in search results and bring more traffic to your site.

Traffic to your website

Make the most out of your Social Media

Second to search engines, but equally important to the vitality of your website. You should utilize Social Media as an extension of your website. Do not just promote, build up your presence and your audience. Become active in social communities that are relevant to your content. In addition, make sure your content is easily shareable by implementing social plugins on your website (Like, +1, and Tweet buttons) in order to increase your site’s visibility on social networks.

Paid traffic cost (for a reason)

Depending on your budget and wishes, a good option for you could be PPC ads. In order to generate high traffic, many websites rely on the pay per click (PPC) model, a form of internet advertising in which the advertiser pays for clicks on their ads, only paying for actual traffic driven to their website. In this field, the most significant platforms are Google AdWords and Facebook’s Ads (PPC and PPV). These content discovery platforms can help extend your reach drastically and bring you a whole new audience that otherwise might not have been looking for you.

Share links, be part of a community

Another way to increase your traffic is to become active part of community interested in your business. One way to form real and lasting connections is by prioritizing giving back - employing the “I wll scratch your back, if you scratch mine’ mentality. Participate in link trades with other related site owners. And don’t only wait for others to notice you: drive traffic to other websites you respect and trust, and be sure to participate in conversations in forums or on social media to establish yourself and your site as a dynamic community member.

Keep what you got

Look for new customers and look after the regular ones

While all the above techniques may help you to gain new traffic, and with traffic, new costumers, you also need to think about keeping the ones you have - and how to inspire those to tell their friends and share your promotions and products. Create useful, unique, and timely content that your visitors will organically want to share with their friends, and that will inspire those who are site owners or bloggers to link to your content. These links are a great organic way to improve your SEO. Proof your content for grammar and spelling. Use videos and images when appropriate to provide a more dynamic experience.

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