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We have already covered What is website traffic, and What NOT to Do If You Want To Improve Your Web Traffic. And this articles, we have mentioned traffic analytics and the traffic statistic. But, why is it important at all, you may ask. When you are promoting your website or page on Social Media, traffic exchange websites, or by paid ads; you can feel and see that people are responding, so why do you need deeper analytic?

After the launching of the website, a number of people stop investing in, believing it is enough if the word (website) is out (on the Internet). Others are aware that there is plenty of work, and invest in the promotion, but do not spend their time on statistic, or find that analytics are complicated and boring. If the website without traffic is useless and the statistic is the only way to know more about traffic, then we can say that tracking statistic is the basic knowledge, and, as always, knowledge is the power. Power to improve, increase, control and use traffic of our website.

Website Analytics


The most basic information that statistics gives you is number of users. Also, you can find out how many are unique visits and returning visitors.


Without targeted audience, your ad can be useless and your website can gain traffic without any real value. Your statistic can tell you the age and country of the visitors, and on Social Media Analytic pages you can see even gender of the users. So, if you are offering watches for middle-aged males in Europe or toys for kids in Asia, your analytic tools will help you to determent are you running your promotions according to your products or offers.

But that is not all. If you compare traffic, statistic data and sales (interest, mails…) you can target specific days of the week or even hours of the day to boost your promotion, either to increase ‘weaker’ periods or to go even harder on your ‘strong’ days.

Website statistics graphs

Keyword help

Your web analytics should also gather and show statistic of keyword data. You can easily identify what words and phrases are used to attract more traffic. Often, website owners find that other phrases beside main keyword brought in the users. That is very important, because you may not be aware of those keywords, and thanks to statistics, you can work on keeping that flow of visits. Also, without statistics software, it's impossible for an online marketer or entrepreneur to know if his or her keyword research was done okay.

Solving problems

Analytics also show you the browsers and OS’s that visitors use. This is important for website compatibility issues. For example, if you test your site only in Mozilla Firefox, yet most of your visitors use Google Chrome, this is a significant information, and you should make sure that the site's features work properly in both browsers.

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